Taking on the sacred cow.

Kansas, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Texas might be taking on the sacred cow, Planned Parenthood, which has come out of the federal  budgeting process with out any losses.

That Planned Parenthood is the big abortion provider in the country is pretty much a given.  It appears that of the all the pregnant women that came to PP last year 96% got abortions. (Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet) In the tense budget battle (remember pre-Paul Revere Gate, pre-Weiner Gate) Obama refused to cut a penny from PP’s taxpayer funded pot of gold. On the other hand they did cut Community Health Centers by 600 million. Remember these centers, touted to reach the poorest women with prenatal care and expensive breast cancer screening. (see Frank Gannon) They were thrown under the bus, the sacred ideological cow Planned Parenthood, was spared.

Once again Obama is rising to defend Planned Parenthood. While warning Indiana that it will cost 4.3 million if it denies funds to PP, the Administration decries Indiana’s withholding Medicaid money from all abortion providers, implying that thousands of women seeking health care will have no where to go. Not true according to Daniels, who said there are 800 other Medicaid providers available.  HuffPo reports that private donations are pouring in to keep the clinics open. Good, this is as it should be. Let the people who believe in PP’s purpose fund it and not taxpayers.

Equally vexing: Why doesn’t the GAO know how much taxpayer money PP receives? And why can’t PP account for it all? And as bad or worse are the reports that Planned Parenthood systematically files falsified claims for government reimbursements. It’s astounding; California – $5,213,645, New York – $17,151,156, New Jersey – $597,496, Washington – $629,142, NYC – $1,254,603 – false charges to the gov’t. Audits note that the clinics habitually claim services are family planning that in fact are not – what a racket. (see Jim Sedlak – The Washington Times) This is taxpayer money.

PP is a sacred cow to which Obama and Democrats are deeply beholden for donations and a political mouthpiece – at the expense of the taxpayer. No hope and change to this ideology, just more of the same.  This cow needs to go.


WH calls something illegal.

One of he most disheartening things about this Administration has been its calculated disregard for American Law. From the defense of Marriage Act to the War Powers Act, you get the feeling that the written law of the US is hardly a bother to these bureaucrats. (see PJ Media) Yet a sense of conviction based on Law surfaces when Indiana decides to withhold Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood because they provide abortions (Newsvine), which cannot be funded with  Federal money. And, of course, a warning/threat to any other state with similar ambitions. The administration feels that this isn’t legal.  (Fox). Although it may be refreshing to hear the WH is concerned about the letter of the Law, it is disconcerting that it wishes to tell the States how to administer their programs. I guess if it’s liberal enough the law matters, conservative – not so much.