When God chooses.

Out of control. It just sounds bad. For most of us it just feels all wrong. Most of us are not control freaks, but most of us equate a little control with safety, if not survival. I feel it about my kids sometimes, “they might get hurt if I don’t control… ” – A lot of us feel it about our self -“I might get hurt if I’m not in control of…”, both true.
But what if God was in control? What would that feel like. We all say we would like that (after all we are good Christians) but do we really want a God coming out of nowhere and taking over stuff? Our stuff. What if God said “I’m going this way, change direction and follow me.” What if he said “I want to change the way you think about being a believer,” or “I want you to quit spending so much time at work” or “take lunch to that drunk” or “Your church life is a drag, lets change it”.
God is changing things. God is bringing together a ragtag bunch of spiritual warriors who will have done with all the usual distractions and enter the rhythm of prayer and power – and strongholds will come down. We are laying aside all other motives, honorable or not, and deferring to God’s call for our lives and our city.
“It’s a frightening thing when you blink and discover that you’re in a speeding car but no longer driving. It’s scary to realize that God is moving and you are somehow caught up in something much bigger than you could possibly have known.” (Red Moon Rising, Greig/Roberts)
There are people all around you that are beginning to welcome this reality into their lives. God is calling people to turn over the controls and people are responding.
Doesn’t look like church? “A revival is something that can only be explained by the direct action and intervention of God…these events belong to the order of things that men cannot produce…and if you can explain what is happening…then it is not revival.” – Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.