WH calls something illegal.

One of he most disheartening things about this Administration has been its calculated disregard for American Law. From the defense of Marriage Act to the War Powers Act, you get the feeling that the written law of the US is hardly a bother to these bureaucrats. (see PJ Media) Yet a sense of conviction based on Law surfaces when Indiana decides to withhold Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood because they provide abortions (Newsvine), which cannot be funded with¬† Federal money. And, of course, a warning/threat to any other state with similar ambitions. The administration feels that this isn’t legal.¬† (Fox). Although it may be refreshing to hear the WH is concerned about the letter of the Law, it is disconcerting that it wishes to tell the States how to administer their programs. I guess if it’s liberal enough the law matters, conservative – not so much.