Don’t look at me in that tone of voice. Please.

I have to admit, I’d be a little concerned if the POTUS was looking at me like that. It reminds me of another time someone faced a leader of a former superpower:
“Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?”


Once again Obama …

The president says there is no silver bullet (see Politico) that will lower gas prices. In other words, not much to be done, especially if it interferes with his personal vision for his presidency. If it gets  worse for us, oh well, get a better car. Since when are gas prices a mythical creature that cannot be addressed in the real world? It has not escaped us that most of Obama’s predecessors engaged themselves far more successfully where it affected us directly. Remember that we put people in office to do Our business, not to seek some personal ideological vision. (By the way, I thought we had done with shooting as a political metaphor.) Not surprising that the mock response is to launch an investigation against somebody (how much will that cost us). It is frustrating that the direct impact issues affecting middle and lower-income Americans receive only a negative ideological pander from our leader who is certain to use our woes to fuel his campaign.  Same old same old Washington. We don’t expect our Administration to solve every problem we face, we do expect it to do everything in  its power to address these issues, like reinforcing the markets and the strengthening the dollar.  It is dismaying to think my kids will enter adulthood in a country whose strengths were sacrificed to a dubious boogeyman.

Who wiped the floor with who?

38 billion sounds like a lot unless you’re talking about the way your and my elected officials spend our money. It’s starting to look like the things representing a genuine turning of the Titanic were mostly put aside so that everybody could come out looking strong. (See Brietbart). Feels like more gimmicks to come up with a number instead of taking on the real problems. Same old same old.